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$9.99 SPECIAL Call Anyone on Any Network in Kenya or upto 99 other countries and Talk Till You Drop, Unlimited*! For 1 Whole Week!
                                Offer Limited to 1 number. 2 extra numbers are available for just $2.99 each.
We are now providing for FREE, KENYAN Phone Numbers that ring to your US Phone. Please sign up     
                                               below to get your FREE Kenyan Number.                                                  
For less than 50 US cents/day, you can now call Kenya UNLIMITED* on the YU Mobile Network!
   And for less than 1 US cent per minute, you can call ANYONE on ANY Network including Safaricom!
             Also, for less than 67 US cents/day, you can call ANY Network in Kenya UNLIMITED*!
               And with a Jamhuri Mobile Travel Sim Card you receive calls for FREE while in Kenya!
                 Anywhere Safaricom operates, with the same great quality, or you get a 100% refund!
           No credit checks, No contracts, No calling cards!
          Just Pay As You Go! It's as easy as 1 2 3



To Sign Up for service, please enter your name, e-mail address, your friend or relative's name in Kenya, their phone number, the person who referred you to us, if any, etc. in the form below then click on Submit. Thereafter, please purchase the service you want below the Sign Up form, and we will then process your order. Everyone who signs up for our service gets a free Kenya(020) number that rings to their US phone number, whether you purchase our service or not. Offer limited to 300 free minutes per month. And for just $14.99 per month, you can receive an unlimited number of incoming calls/minutes to your US phone or to your skype address. Therefore, if you have skype on your phone, or on your computer, you will be able to recieve calls anywhere in the world you may be at. Your Kenyan friends can then call you for next to nothing, especially those who have a sim card from Telkom Kenya(Orange Mobile/Wireless), and subscribe to their 20/= (twenty shillings) per day in-network unlimited calling plan.
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$9.99 SPECIAL Call Anyone on Any Network in Kenya and Talk Till You Drop, Unlimited*! For 1 Whole Week! Offer limited to 1 number. 2 extra numbers are available for just $2.99 ea. by clicking on the drop down menu.
$9.99 SPECIAL Now available at www.999callhome.com or by clicking on the following link http://999callhome.com 
US $14.99(less than 50 US cents per day) for 1 month of service to any one number on the YU Mobile network. Alternatively, you may purchase a Kenyan(020) number here that rings to your United States number for 1 whole month. Please click on the drop down menu for this option.
1 month of unlimited service
US $19.99(less than 67 US cents per day) special introductory rate for 1 month of unlimited* service to any one Jamhuri Mobile Sim Card number whilst in Kenya either 12 PM to 12 AM EST(Eastern Standard Time) or vice versa (a $60 saving while the promotion lasts). Please click on drop down menu to select your preferred talk time.  
Preferred Talking Time
US $39.99 for 1 month of service(24 hour access) to one number on ANY Jamhuri Mobile Network. You may also add two more numbers for just $10 each which, for three lines, would be less then $20 monthly per line for unlimited* calling 24/7! To add a second or third line, please click on the drop down menu.
No. of lines required

US $39.99 Special introductory rate for 1 month of service to call up to 5 different numbers on the Jamhuri Mobile network whilst in Kenya and talk for 4,000 minutes per month either 12 PM - 12 AM EST or vice versa.(less than 1 US cent per minute). And for $49.99 per month you can call up to 10 different numbers on the Jamhuri Mobile network whilst in Kenya and talk for 5,000 minutes per month with 24 hours access.(Still less than 1 US cent per minute).

Preferred Talking Time
US $39.99 Jamhuri Mobile Sim Card with dual US and UK mobile numbers(Receive unlimited calls for FREE on the UK number and make 30 minutes of FREE outgoing calls to Kenya, Canada, UK, and the USA whilst you are in Kenya with NO ROAMING FEES and NO SURCHARGE on INCOMING CALLS! Additional time may be purchased below, or from any of our other plans). To receive calls on the US number, please purchase one of our calling plans. Includes FREE shipping to the Continental US by USPS Priority mail. Outside the Continental USA please add US $9.99 for Shipping and Handling.
Sim Type(standard, micro,nano)
US $4.99 to call unlimited numbers on any network in Kenya and speak for up to 100 minutes. May also be used as a gift for your friend/relative in Kenya to make local calls on the Jamhuri Mobile Network. To purchase up to 500 minutes, please click on the drop down menu below.
Minutes Purchased
US $49.99 - Receive UNLIMITED* calls and make UNLIMITED* calls to the USA and Canada from the Jamhuri Mobile network for 30 days. This is a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATE after which new subscribers will pay $69.99 monthly, a $20 saving per month! Existing subscribers will keep their lower rate.
US $2.99 per month - Add Skype to your YU mobile or Jamhuri Mobile plan and call Kenya from Skype as a contact(Offer valid for only one number per account, and this number must already be existing as one of your destination numbers). You may however open multiple accounts and get a separate Skype name for each account. You can also call any one number on any network in Kenya UNLIMITED* as a Skype contact for just $42.99 per month by clicking on the drop down menu!
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Your Phone no. + Country Code
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US $4.99 monthly to call anyone in the USA and talk for 3,000 minutes per month as a local call from the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. May also be used in combination with our calling plans to Kenya, to call anyone in Kenya from the countries above as a local call.
$29.95 - 2 Line GSM Dual Sim Phone includes FREE shipping to the US by USPS Priority mail. Outside the Continental USA, please add US $9.99 for Shipping and Handling.
$10.00 - Change the number in Kenya you would like to call, or add a second or third number to your $39.99 unlimited* calling plan. A maximum of two additional lines permitted per subscription for a total of three.
New No. in Kenya
To refer a friend and receive one month of free service for each friend you refer to us, please click below and enter your e-mail address, your name, and your friends e-mail address or addresses.

If you would like to contact us, please use the form below:

                                                                     JAMHURI DAY SPECIAL
Thank You all who applied. Those who qualified have been advised. We will be running a similar promotion for FREE calling to Kenya soon, so check back often! Happy Jamhuri Day ALL!!! 12/12/12 rarely happens twice in a life time so Make Merry and be Happy!!!!!!!!!!


1. Thank You for choosing  Jamhuri Mobile - and Now, for less than fifty US cents a day (US $14.99 per month), you can enjoy unlimited* calling to Kenya, 12 hrs a day!!! To enroll, please ensure that your relative or friend that you wish to be speaking with has a YU mobile (075) phone number. And for less than sixty seven US cents a day (US $19.99 per month) you can also now enjoy unlimited* calling to any one number on any network in Kenya, 12 hours a day. This is a special introductory offer, for a very limited time only, at the end of which anyone who will have signed up during the promotional offer will keep their US $19.99 per month rate, and everyone else who signs up after the promotion is over will pay US $79.99 per month - this special offer is a US $60.00 per month saving if you sign up within the promotional period! Also, for just US $4.99, you can call an unlimited number of numbers on any network in Kenya and talk for 100 minutes total talk time. If you want to double the talk time to 200 minutes, please change the quantity to two when checking out and you will be charged double the amount ie. US $9.98, and your account will be set up accordingly. After you sign up for the $4.99 plan, we will register your number(s) in our system as well as the number(s) in Kenya you want to be calling. We will then e-mail you the local US number you will be calling to talk to the person in Kenya. When you call, our system will authenticate you based on your caller ID and your password, then connect you. To add more numbers that you want to call in Kenya, as well as the numbers you want to call from, please enter them in our account application form below and after we have verified them with you, we will set those numbers up also. If you however enter them at the same time as you register for service, all access numbers will be provided to you with the initial e-mail we send you without having to spend the extra time it takes to verify them with you. And for a very limited time only, you may also sign up for our newest plan at just US $29.99 per month (that is less than 1.5 US cents per minute) and get a bucket of 3,000 minutes per month to call up to 10 different numbers in Kenya on any network. On this plan, you can call from 5 different numbers - and, at the end of the promotion, anyone who will have signed up during the promotion will keep their US $29.99 per month rate, whereas all new subscribers after the promotion ends will pay the regular rate of $99.99 per month. Hurry now and save US $70 per month!

2. Within 24 business hours, we will provide you with a local US based phone number that you can use to call your friend in Kenya as a local US call, FROM ANY telephone or computer in the world, NOT JUST YOUR OWN PHONE, 12/24 hours a day, 7 days a week, UNLIMITED*! And if you have an iPhone, iTouch, or Android smart phone, we will provide you with a link that will enable you to upload an APP and use our service over the internet from anywhere in the world without incurring International long distance phone charges - very handy when traveling abroad to save on the cost of calling the US number we will allocate to you, but may also be used locally for those who so desire. And for just US $2.99 extra per month, Skype users can get a Skype name from us that they can use to call Kenya as a Skype contact. Alternatively, you can go to the Skype website and signup for their unlimited US plan that costs $2.99 per month and then you can be using Skype to call the local US number that we will assign you to be calling Kenya. Those in the UK who have 3 Mobile, even pay as you go, can NOW call Kenya from their mobile phones without using their talk time or data because Skype is always FREE on THREE. And for everyone else in the UK, whether you have a 3 Mobile or not, you can now access our services without incurring long distance call charges to the US! To enjoy this service, please go to www.sipgate.co.uk and register yourself for free. Please choose a UK phone number that is local to you, to avoid paying any long distance phone charges when you call this number. This is the number that you will be calling when you want to call Kenya. Thereafter, log in to your sipgate account and click on settings which can be found at the top right hand corner after you sign-in just below your name and to the left of the log out tab. On the settings page you will see SIP-ID: and  SIP password: Please enter these details in our contact form at the bottom of our website in the box marked Your Message:, as well as your name and e-mail address, and we will e-mail you back a password that you can use to make calls to Kenya by calling the UK number that you will have been assigned by Sipgate!
 3. Please remember to come back to jamhurimobile.com before 30 days are over and pay for the next month's service to avoid your number from becoming inactive. You may also purchase, in advance, as many months of service as you desire. This option is available in your cart at check out by changing the quantity from 1 to as many months as you would like to purchase. Also, for every person you refer to us, and after they have used our service for 90 days, we will provide you with one month of service FREE!!! And if you sign up Today, and after you have used our service for 90 days, we will also give you one month of service FREE. And thereafter, every fourth month will be free too! You may also change the number that you call in Kenya as many times as you would like for a fee of $9.95 per change. And, for US $29.95, we can send you or your friend in Kenya a Dual Sim 2-Line phone too!

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